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Baby Tongue Tie Practitioner

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

D-Restricted Ltd

Baby Tongue Tie Practitioner & Infant Feeding Support. Covering Hinckley Covering, Leicester, Coventry, Nuneaton, Rugby, Coalville and all surrounding Areas. Diana is professionally trained to help assess, divide and provide aftercare for your little one with a tongue-tie restriction. Diana also offers ongoing support for up to 6 weeks after a tongue-tie release and also boasts additional measures of support. Book online today!

I started my nurse training in 2002, but I have been working with vulnerable adults and children since a teenager. Once qualified I worked with adults for some time, and up until December 2017 I was also employed as a Neonatal Nurse caring for sick and terminal term and pre-term babies, before deciding to develop my career in Tongue-Tie further whilst juggling my own two children. I have qualified as a 'Lactation Consultant' (IBCLC), and Infant Feeding Specialist (LEAARC).

I have also developed my skills and became a qualified baby massage, baby yoga, and toddler yoga instructor, which I am finding is a new and exciting venture, but also helps parents to help their infants through relieving many of the symptoms that a tongue-tie restriction may cause, such as colic, wind, crying, digestive issues, relaxation, and teething issues, whilst increasing and empowering the parental-infant relationship through trust and bonding. More recently, I have embarked upon oral myofunctional training, which I believe may help many of the babies I see with the muscular strengthening and development of the oral structures, muscles and function.

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