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Birmingham Wedding Photographer

Birmingham & Nottingham Alternative Wedding Photographer

Love Is Symmetry is an Alternative wedding photographer covering Birmingham & Nottingham. For photos that make your heart flutter, your mind orgasm, and give tradition the middle finger.

Family man, musician, bonafide psychologist and alternative wedding photographer in Birmingham & Nottingham. You could also call me a Nottingham wedding photographer or a Derbyshire wedding photographer, but really, I ain't so much bothered about the place - I'm all about finding the right kinda people who wanna give tradition the middle finger, and have their wedding day their way. And for that, I'll travel to most places in the UK! I wanna take your wedding photos from 'meh' to 'hell yeah!’. I want people to stop in their tracks in your hallway and say ‘Holy hell, that’s a cool shot!’. I want us to create beautiful art together that catches all the best parts of your love and lights a fire inside your soul whenever you see it. And most of all, I want you to feel like we’re old friends on a crazy adventure together, like partners in crime. Freud said that 'Love is a form of symmetry, where each person reflects back at the other the ideal self and all they aspire to be'. If love is symmetry, then I wanna give you wedding photos that capture that perfectly-imperfect balance - all of your quirks and eccentricities, the spinning kaleidoscope moments of electric passion, and the quiet moments of intimacy when all your walls come down. To your day I'll bring my craft as an alternative wedding photographer, my vision as a creative, and my knowledge of matters of the heart. Together we’ll create something incredible.

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