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Blackheath Private Physiotherapist & Sports Injuries Therapy

Recover Right is a Physiotherapist based in Blackheath London, for diagnosis & treatment of Back & Neck pain, Running injuries, Sports injuries, Shoulder & Elbow pain, & Hip, Knee & Ankle pain In Greenwich, Lewisham, Hither Green & Peckham & surrounding areas

Our Mission is a simple one, to give the right diagnosis, right treatment, for the right recovery for all our patients. Right diagnosis At Recover Right we believe everyone can benefit from a physiotherapy assessment around their current injury or health goals. By listening to your story we build a picture of what could be the cause of your pain/issue and why. We will complete a thorough, detailed and evidenced-based assessment to confirm our diagnosis and then set an achievable goal that we will support you to achieve. Right Treatment Once we have assessed and explained your diagnosis we layout your Road to Recovery. First, we will explain the implication of your diagnosis, what we can do to help, how we’re going to help and what you’ll need to do to help yourself. We will then show you your Road to Recovery which is a step-by-step plan on how we’re going to support you to achieve goal. Your Road to Recovery will have a timescale with easy to understand milestones and potential pitfalls with advice on how to avoid them on your Road to Recovery. Right Recovery How will you know you’ve Recovered Right? Your goal will be achieved, you will have completed your Road to Recovery and you’ll move without reservation.

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