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BoobBag Unique Designer Handbags & Portable Works Of Art.

BoobBag Unique Designer Handbags & Portable Works Of Art. The BoobBag Is A Handbag For That Someone Who Does Not Want To Be Censored In Life! Made In York UK

Our BoobBag Mission Causing chaos and controversy. We have been designing unique and bespoke fashion for over a decade, and our collections have been banned, censored, and reported for portraying the female form. We could not be prouder, and if you find this as ridiculous as we do, then we welcome you into our collective. Boobbags are more than accessories, we support charities who value boobs, or lack thereof, by donating 5% of Designer bag sales to their crucial work. We rotate recipients on a quarterly basis and if you have a charity you would like us to consider, please do get in touch. Join our community and show us your BoobBag #nippleit #boobbag Who makes your BoobBag? Our team of designers and makers are based in York, UK. We are passionate about art, craft, sustainability and empowerment. Each bag is handmade, down to every cut, stitch and brushstroke.

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