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Brand & Product Marketing Courses

Brand & Product Marketing Courses

Award-winning global expert marketing consultant Kelly Teasdale Brand & Product Marketing Consultant London is the go-to destination for marketing courses

Market My Product is the go-to destination for anyone wanting to successfully market their business, products and services.

The Market My Product way is different from anything you will have seen or experienced in the business growth marketplace, mostly because it actually works!

Developed by award-winning global marketing expert, Kelly Teasdale, Market My Product resources are honest, strategic and proven over 20+ years of application across thousands of global corporate and small business organisations.

As an award-winning global marketing expert, Kelly’s corporate and big brand client list includes Coca-Cola, Sensodyne, Soap & Glory, L’Oreal, Johnson & Johnson, Samsung, Pfizer and GSK, to name just a few, as well as personal brands such as Dr. Demartini and The Hairy Bikers.

After spending 15 years in global marketing agencies and 2 years working in-house for AstraZeneca, managing their internal and external global communications, Kelly founded Market My Product Ltd and the Marketing Saturday Live! event for SME’s. She now splits her time between consulting for corporates and coaching small businesses.

Kelly's ability to apply big business thinking to the start-up environment makes her one of the most trusted small business coaches in the UK.

Her global experience and business savvy also makes her an invaluable resource to medium-large business leadership and marketing teams.

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