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Brighton & Hove Online Counselling & Therapy

Online Counselling & Psychotherapy in Brighton & Hove with Experienced Counsellors. Initial 30 mins Consultation For Just £15. Safe & Confidential.


We are a team of experienced counsellors and psychotherapists in Brighton & Hove who strive to make your therapeutic journey as safe and comfortable for you as possible. If you are here you might feel confused, unable to enjoy life as you did before, or struggling to come to terms with past traumas or a recent loss. Counselling and psychotherapy can help you see your current situation in a new light, depth and clarity. They can change old and unhelpful perspectives and feelings you might hold about yourself and your life, and ultimately help you make positive changes and get you to enjoy life once again.​ Talking to someone impartial in a confidential setting can also help you feel less burdened and provide a space to discuss matters that otherwise you feel you need to keep to yourself or you don't want to disclose to family and friends. At Brighton Counselling Collective we strive to provide a safe and non-judgmental space where you’ll feel supported in exploring any issues that are troubling you in complete confidentiality.

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