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Cara & The Sky British Made Designer Women's Knitwear

Cara and the Sky is an independent British Knitwear Designer based in Central London Bringing you beautiful colourful, affordable women's knitwear

Cara & The Sky is an independent British brand with a positive outlook on life, produced right here in the UK. The London born brand is designed for fun-loving, free-spirited humans with a love for knitwear, bright colours and unique style. Every day we challenge ourselves to  Create & Right Attitude & Reach The Sky! As we know that if you believe in yourself, live life to the full and have the right mindset, anything is possible, the sky's the limit to what you can achieve. With knitwear at the heart of the brand, each unique style has been carefully considered, from shape to quality to fit. We want to slow down fashion. The designs are trend-driven, but trendless, giving longevity to each style. You can wear it this season, and it will be just as relevant next season.  To find out more about how we are being a conscious brand head over to our sustainability page here

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