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Child Teenager Therapist & Psychotherapist Ealing Broadway

Indigo Mind Children & Teenager counsellor & psychotherapist. Offering Individually Tailored Therapy Sessions. Based in Ealing Broadway, Chiswick, Richmond & Harrow

I am an accredited Psychodynamic Psychotherapist based in Ealing Broadway specialising in children and adolescents. I have spent the last 16 years helping children and young adults from the age of 4 upwards; to deal with various psychological problems. In aid of my mission, I have taken on roles with the Police, local authorities, the NHS and work in the education and voluntary sectors in many different locations. This has given me vast experience in working with children and young adults and an in-depth understanding of how to help them deal with a huge variety of mental and psychological issues

We are based in Ealing Broadway & cover Ealing, Chiswick, Richmond, Harrow.

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