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Children/Young People in Care Conference

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Children/Young People in Care Conference

The Children’s Homes Association represents residential childcare providers of all sizes.

Some members operate just one or two children’s homes, whilst others have many homes

across a wide geographic area. 

Membership of The Children’s Homes Association is available to newly registered homes,

existing organisations of all sizes and local authorities, too.

The Children’s Homes Association works directly with government, sector stakeholders

and regulators to ensure that the voice of its members is heard, that their work is valued

and that their challenges are recognised and addressed.

As the trusted voice of residential child care in England and Wales, The Children’s Homes

The association works on behalf of our members to influence positive change and facilitate

exemplary care.

At EHP Children’s Homes Consultancy, we recommend all new homes sign up for

membership. Many advantages include conferences and the opportunity to get together

with other providers.

The Children’s Homes Association (CHA) and The Nationwide Association of Fostering

Providers (NAFP) have come together to create a joint conference that will explore cross

cutting practice themes and facilitating a shared vision for children and young people

throughout the care journey.

For more information, visit: CHA and NAFP launch NEW collective practice conference for

fostering and residential childcare - The Children’s Homes Association (

Is your consultant continually ‘horizon scanning’ to keep your potential business up to

date with legal and regulatory developments?

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