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Conservatory Ceiling Insulation & Conversions Suffolk

We love what we do. We take conservatories that are generally too hot, too cold or too bright and give them back as beautiful living spaces. Our conversions are really cost-effective and start at only £995.00* (subject to specifications and size) The conversion will immediately add value to your property that could exceed the cost to undertake the conversion and energy savings will be made too. We don't operate with a sales force, so the installer is the business owner who carries out the estimation meeting, plans the work together with you and then carries out the project from start to finish. So it's a totally personal service. We also undertake minor building work, so there is no need to have to deal with different contractors and trades. We use special insulation materials that save up to 95% of heat loss through the roof allowing our conversions to become fully integrated rooms. They are usable all year-round that can be incorporated without the need for partitions between rooms. So you could have that lovely, open-plan lifestyle. ​Based in East Anglia we serve Suffolk, Norfolk, Essex, & Cambridgeshire. We provide a high-quality, smooth plastered finish as we feel that plastic cladding does not reflect a quality solution and certainly does not provide an integrated-room effect.

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