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Corporate & Fitness Video Production Company Guildford Surrey UK

Corporate & Fitness Video Production & EPK Services Company. We have over 15 years of experience in the industry, Covering Guildford, Surrey, West Sussex, Cranleigh, Portsmouth & across the UK

Back in 1986 when Freehand was first established, the main focus of the company was selling computer graphics systems based around Lumena and Inscriber software. Four years later we took those tools and created our service bureau replacing slides for conferences. We were the market leader in this sector servicing clients such as British Airways, Apple, BMW and Toyota to name just a few. As technology progressed and PowerPoint became the market leading software we diversified in to VideoCD, DVD, 3D Animation, Multimedia and eventually Video Production and Digital Signage.

Basing ourselves in Cranleigh, Surrey (near Guildford) means we can easily travel throughout the UK and Europe, while keeping our overheads low.

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