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Dr RV Aesthetics & Dentistry Treatments In Harrow & Milton Keynes

Dr RV Aesthetics & Dentistry Treatments In Harrow & Milton Keynes

Dr Radhika Varsani graduated from Kings College London as a dentist and has thereafter increased her knowledge and experience into the world of Cosmetic dentistry and Facial Aesthetics.

​During her practising years as a cosmetic dentist, she realised how important it was to treat a patient as a whole and not just their smile!

She wanted her patients to feel empowered and increase their confidence, not just with changes in their smile, but their face and skin!

​She therefore trained in providing Facial aesthetic treatments from the well renowned aesthetic clinic in Harley street, Avanti Aesthetics Academy.

Her in-depth knowledge of facial anatomy and keen aesthetic eye helps her perform treatments safely and provide a natural look.

During the consultation, she will assess your whole face along with your skin to give you the best advice and tailor treatments accordingly.

​She offers a wide variety of treatments along with recommended skincare products to improve your skin and ensure your results from the treatment last longer.

​Whether you are looking to reduce the signs of ageing or to improve and boost the glow in your skin, she is known to give you a natural and rejuvenated look to your face!

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