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European Road Trip Holidays From The UK

European Road Trip Holidays From The UK

Making Tracks European Road Trip Holidays from the UK. We take the time & effort out of planning your perfect road trip, allowing you to enjoy your adventure!

Back in 2011 while driving a Land Rover Defender through Turkey on the way to Georgia, I decided to take a small country road that, from a map, looked like a minor road through the local valleys. After several hours of driving what turned out to be some pretty rough tracks, mud and finally snow, I ended up miles away from anywhere, in a valley, and the path completely disappeared. It was dusk, and so rather than risk a long reversal down a narrow track in the failing light, we slept in the back.

It was uncomfortable, cramped and cold, and we spent the night worrying about whether we had enough fuel to backtrack the next morning, but this is the spirit of adventure that I have grown to adore - the spontaneity, The feeling that no one day is the same. In the end, this is one memory of this trip that has stuck with me more than many. ​My love for road trips and travelling came when I was 19 and hired a car abroad for the first time. it was a Mercedes ‘A’ Class in Salzburg. That day, I drove it south over the

Grossglockner Pass and into Italy, slept in the car overnight outside Bolzano and drove it back to Austria the next morning just in time to return it within the 24 hour hire period. By comparison to my later ambitions it was a pretty low-key event, but for me it fired a passion that hasn’t burnt out in nearly 20 years. I have since driven extensively across Europe, North America and some areas of the Middle East - both as an independent traveller and as part of family holidays. For me, the journey is part of the holiday, and allows me to experience cultures that I would never have experienced had I been 35,000ft in the air. The feeling of being self sufficient, having all of the personal belongings we need with us, and not being reliant on the whims of airlines is a feeling that is hard to beat. For me, it's never been about the vehicle I'm driving but the places I'm seeing and the people I'm with - these are the memories that stay with you. That said, my next personal ambition is to partake in solo motorbike travel.

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