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Fiona Elizabeth Award Winning Wedding Photographer Surrey UK

Welcome to Fiona Elizabeth Photography. If you are looking at my site then you would have recently got engaged - Congratulations! With so much competition it is an honour to have to stop and visit.

This is an incredible time for you as well as being a wee bit overwhelming. You will have heaps of emotions, choices and budget to navigate and of course, you will be looking for a photographer too. With over a decade of experience shooting weddings, I come with knowledge and experience on knowing how to make your wedding day run smoothly, without a single hiccup.

Working closely with your other suppliers, we make it our priority to ensure that you have the time of your life! From the moment your day begins, we pop the cork on the Champagne, enjoy good company with close family and friends and document the unfolding of your wedding day.

Over the years I have created a signature style that is all about showcasing the beauty of you. Every bit of detail from the hair and makeup, lingerie, shoes and jewellery, all the way through to your stunning wedding dress. This is once in a lifetime experience and I want your photos to be beautiful and a true representation of you.

It doesn't stop there, the groom's portraits are choreographed to ensure we capture his handsome demure and style to compliment your portraits which will form the structure and story of your equally beautiful wedding album.

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