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Gintare's Online Ketogenic Nutrition, Wellness & Lifestyle Coach

Gintare's Nutrition & Wellness Courses, Online Ketogenic Nutrition, Wellness & Lifestyle Coach UK. Nutrition & Wellness for the Busy Woman Entrepreneurs

Meet Gintare,

Your Certified Ketogenic Nutrition & Wellness Coach

Gintare Balseviciute has always loved a challenge. So, when the scale started climbing – seemingly out of nowhere – she knew she had her work cut out for her, but that didn’t stop her from getting to the bottom of the issue. Growing up in Lithuania, Gintare remembers always having access to “real” food – not the processed stuff that fills much of our grocery stores today. She was raised to cook from scratch with whole foods and ingredients. The fruits, vegetables and meat on her table all came from the local farmers; it was all “organic” by today’s definition. When Gintare moved to London, she noticed that much of the food in the grocery store came in boxes and cans, or vacuum sealed with labels reading “fat-free”, “low-fat”, “reduced sugar”, etc. Not long after she began eating the foods that were supposed to be “healthy” for you, she began gaining weight, without realizing what she was doing wrong. ​Having moved to London in September, Gintare had gone up a whole size in clothing by Christmas time. She didn’t know what was happening, and immediately began trying different diets to take off the weight. Though the diets were marketed as being “low-fat”, they were often based on recipes and products that were loaded with sugar. Like most fad diets, they would work for a while, but eventually her motivation, energy, and ultimately her health – started to decrease as a result.

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