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Gothic Jewellery

Simply Gothic is a UK-based business selling unique affordable gothic Jewellery, Rings, Bracelets, Necklaces & Stationery for the spooky at heart.

Hello and welcome! I'm Kirstie, the owner here at Simply Gothic. I design spooky gothic jewellery, stationery, accessories and more for those wanting to express their individual alternative style. I started Simply Gothic in 2017 making velvet chokers but I was always searching for a way to put my own drawn designs onto the jewellery. When I later discovered acrylic it really was a no brainer! Being both durable and customisable it was the perfect fit as my designs can be directly printed on the acrylic giving them a unique look. I have always been completed obsessed with jewellery and stationery for as long as I can remember. From wearing bracelets all the way up my arms to trying to wear as many necklaces as possible! As for me, jewellery has always made the outfit. Here at Simply Gothic, I believe its important to be able to confidently express your unique individual style even on a budget. One simple black top and skirt can easily be transformed into several different outfits while only changing the jewellery and accessories. The perfect solution if you love experimenting with your style but are on a tight budget!

As someone in the gothic subculture, I continuously struggled to find unique jewellery and accessories that fit my style, were good quality and that were also affordable. And thats exactly why Simply Gothic was created! To help those struggling with the same thing. Being a stationery addict, I was always on the lookout for a gothic annual planner that I could use to help manage my time and stay on track but express my own style at the same time. I knew this was a problem that other goths were struggling with too so I created The Goth Planner. Perfect for busy gothic and alternative students and workers who are struggling to stay organised and be productive. In the future, I will be expanding my stationery collection to help with motivation and time management for alternative workers and students with chaotic lives. I will also be branching out into gothic self care items like planners and self care boxes to help people relax after a stressful day at work and will of course have more jewellery launches coming too! Find us over on social media for offers and behind the scenes content!

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