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Handcrafted Artisan Vegan Hot Chilli Sauces & Condiments Dorset UK

Weymouth 51

Our handcrafted artisan hot chilli sauces and condiments are made with love in Dorset, UK, using only the best ingredients. 

We naturally ferment our sauces to create the most delicious and fiery flavours.

Our sauces are proudly handcrafted by a dedicated husband and wife team at Weymouth 51 in Dorset, using over 51 varieties of chilli to create an endless array of flavour options. 

Try them today and experience the authentic taste of passion and fire in every bite! 

Naturally fermented, showcasing complex flavours of chilli varieties.

• Vegan, chilli-based, undiluted with tomato or carrot.

• No chilli extract, colouring, flavouring or preservatives.

• Versatile, perfect for cooking, marinating, dipping and dressing.

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