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How to Set Up A Children's Home In The UK

EHP Children's Homes UK Offers Support On How Set Up Open A Children's Home In The UK Supporting You With Ofsted Children's Home Regulations, Children's Homes Regulation 44, & Roles Of Governance & Management

Commissioning New Homes EHP Children's Homes has a proven track record of opening children’s homes that have the infrastructure and practice to maintain the highest of standards. While the emphasis at the early stage is on establishing the home as a business concern, we know that the motivation for providers is to deliver great outcomes for the children and young people themselves. At EHP we fully understand the commitment the new provider is making. We offer reassurance we can successfully guide them, step-by-step, through the full process using our tried and tested '10 stages of commissioning' framework.

Support for Governance and Management

After successful registration, there will of course be new challenges. For example, the period of time for the children or young people to feel settled, the cycle of development for the staff team, etc.

At EHP Children's Homes, we believe there is no point in successfully completing the registration process only to encounter problems at a later stage that either affects the business model or the quality of provision.

We offer experienced support, advice, and guidance for providers and management through supervision and mentorship



EHP Children's Homes can help with the implementation of Ofsted registration requirements, Ofsted children's home registration, and Children's home regulation 44.

Recommendation of Children's Home visits from Ofsted or Regulation 44.

Help with Ofsted complaints and appeals procedures

Pre-inspection audits.

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