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Learn to Paraglide Paragliding School In Spain

Learn to Paraglide Paragliding School In Algodonales Spain

Hi, I’m Ross, Chief Flying Instructor at Love Paragliding. 12 years ago I followed my passion and moved to Spain to teach paragliding. I believe people learn best when they have an instructor's undivided attention so I keep our paragliding courses small. Keeping my students safe throughout their flying career underpins everything I do, that's why I developed the LifeLong Learning Guarantee. I work only with instructors who share my passion for paragliding. Love Paragliding school is accredited with the British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association (BHPA). This means we are monitored for safety, quality of training, and equipment, and all our instructors are licensed. The BHPA rating system is also recognized internationally. Non-UK residents can convert their qualification to an International Pilot Proficiency Identification (IPPI/SafePro Para).

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