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Marissa Cooper Wedding Photographer Royal Tunbridge Wells Kent

Welcome to my portfolio. As a photographer, I am always searching for beautiful moments occurring in everyday life. I enjoy capturing the most joyful, unique moments of your special day while keeping it natural, romantic and fun. My photography style is relaxed and unobtrusive. I have always been passionate about photography since I was young; it started when I spent time with family in the Scottish Highlands. My uncle at the time was an artist and photographer who, with his passion in photography inspired me to take it up as a hobby. I have fond memories of us ‘shooting’ together and capturing the Highlands landscape in all its beauty through the various seasons. It was here that I started learning about working with light while adhering to the tried and tested rules of composition. In 2008 I bought my first SLR and with my love of travel it accompanied me everywhere. I continued to then obtain my photography diploma and my passion lead me more and more into portrait and wedding photography. I'm a real people's person and love sharing those romantic moments through my photography so it made sense to find my niche in wedding photography. Some of my work has since been published in Hello magazine and national newspapers in the United Arab Emirates from when I lived in Dubai.

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