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Mobile Sports & Deep Tissue Massage In Crowborough

House Of Muscle Therapy Offers Mobile Sports & Deep Tissue Massage In Crowborough. Deep Tissue Massage To Release Muscle Tension & Improve Muscle Function


Sports Massage can otherwise be described as Soft Tissue or Deep Tissue Therapy; is a form of tissue manipulation and joint mobilisation. More specifically, sports massage is designed to assist in correcting problems and imbalances in soft tissue. Such issues are usually caused by repetitive strain, trauma or strenuous physical activity. Sports Massage increases blood flow, discourages waste build-up, relieves muscle tension and can help to reduce stress. ------------- CAUSES OF STRESS RSI - Soft tissue injuries/imbalances can be a result of putting stress on a particular area of the body, leading to pain, muscle soreness and limits to your normal range of motion. Trauma - Can be anything from a sprain or strain to the aftermath of a fracture. Connective tissue, such as skin, muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia are all forms of soft tissue that can be damaged after a sudden trauma. Massage can release muscle tension, break up adhesions in the muscles and improve the speed of recovery for a better quality of movement. -------------- HOW TO TREAT ISSUES There is a wealth of evidence to suggest that the application of sports massage, prior to and after exercise can have an enhanced effect on performance as well as aiding recovery and preventing injury. If issues are left untreated, problems can become chronic leading to an increase in painful symptoms as well as increasing the damage, thus lengthening the phase of repair. Injuries can often lead to imbalances due to compensatory physical activity, creating a ripple effect on the body’s ability to freely function. If you are at the stage where painful symptoms are disrupting your lifestyle - I can help with that. As a qualified therapist and personal trainer, I can assist you by conducting a face-to-face picture assessment to gather information along with your symptom description and devise a treatment plan.

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