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My Rexy Luxury Fashion Designer Sunglasses Kent UK

Welcome To The Next Big Thing Luxury Fashion Designer Sunglasses With Polarised View & 100% UV protection For Men & Women. Kent, Essex London, Manchester

Team Rexy - Who are we ? Meet Husband & Wife business duo, Vic, the founder of Rexy Sunglasses and Serena our Creative Director. Vic, rarely seen in photos without a pair of cool shades, decided to share his love of fashionable eyewear, and create our own Rexy Sunglasses Collection. We have set up our new venture to showcase a selection of on trend sunglasses, which we have personally chosen for their quality, individual style and of course added Rex Appeal! It’s all about bringing that fashion statement and feeling great, while protecting eye health. We hope you love our Rexy Sunglasses range as much as we do

With love Vic & Serena X

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