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Online Breakthrough Coaching for Women In London UK

Charmaigne Castro Online Breakthrough Coaching for Women In London, UK

Support without judgement As your breakthrough coach, I will support you to:

  • Think differently to create new perspectives and ways of looking at things without judgement

  • Feel brave and empowered to prioritise you, unlock your true potential and align your vision, values and purpose

  • Act decisively to overcome fear and procrastination, creating a path to greater fulfilment, joy and satisfaction

Charmaigne Castro Coaching was founded to help women overcome their fear of change and make major life transitions. As a Certified Professional Coach, I support my clients through 1:1 personalised coaching and founding the Soul, Mind and Body programme, a unique framework to help women feel stuck and increase their self-worth and well-being to take empowered action. A passionate advocate for the power of aligning the Soul, Mind and Body, I believe we are at our best when we are nourished and nurtured from the inside out, creating peace of mind, energy and harmony. A music, movie and beach lover, I enjoy early morning walks in nature. Some days you can catch me tinkling with the keyboard or drawing to keep me connected with my creative side.

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