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Online Clinical Hypnotherapy Sessions Plymouth UK

Online Clinical Hypnotherapy Sessions Plymouth UK

Qualified & Experienced Online Clinical Hypnotherapist Sessions. Helping People Manage Anxiety, Depression, Weight Loss, Stress, Insomnia, Fears, Phobias

Brendan had 20 years of experience in the education sector before commencing work as a Clinical Hypnotherapist. His strong drive for excellence, allied with a passionate desire to help others, enabled Brendan to establish himself as a highly successful and well respected senior leader in a large secondary school. Brendan was rated 'outstanding' by OFSTED both as a teacher and as a leader. As well as teaching across 4 subject areas (3 of them at A level), Brendan regularly worked with colleagues on a one to one basis. Through this, Brendan became highly adept at helping people to overcome barriers in both their personal and professional lives. He had experience in helping people to cope with stress and anxiety, increasing their confidence and self-esteem. In addition, he enhanced the performance of colleagues by helping them to maintain a healthy work-life balance, planning career progression and developing sporting performance.

Brendan's core values have proved to be an excellent fit whilst working in the field of Clinical Hypnotherapy. In each of his sessions, he offers a relaxed, enjoyable experience and provides the necessary level of care and attention with every individual.

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