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Online & In Person CBT Therapist In Edinburgh & Glasgow

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

Online & In Person CBT Therapist In Edinburgh & Glasgow

Hi, my name is Constantinos, and I am a CBT Therapist in Edinburgh. My journey to becoming a therapist began when I decided to start therapy myself. I was at a stage where I was feeling isolated and had trust and low self-esteem issues. With personal therapy, I began understanding more about myself and treating others differently, with respect and compassion. After about a year of therapy, I decided that I wanted to be able to help other people the same way my therapist helped me. So, I started my studies in Psychology and then moved to Edinburgh to study CBT. ​ In my so far experience, I had the pleasure to work with some fantastic people who, however, were facing difficulties in life: low self-esteem, relationship issues, panic attacks, OCD, depression, and anxiety. Of course, all of us will face some problems now and then. It is only normal; we are humans with feelings, even if sometimes we fail to process or understand them. However, with the structure and the tools CBT offers, homework, and mutual determination, I know I can help you improve your daily life. Furthermore, you will learn how to rely on your own strengths so that you can soon become your own therapist and be able to continue improving your life long after our sessions conclude. ​ Do you feel 'down'? Do you want to change and improve your quality of life? Then, let's have a chat.

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