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Online & In Person Slow Yoga In Uig Isle Of Lewis UK

Online & In Person Slow Yoga In Uig Isle Of Lewis UK

Julia Shaw Slow Yoga. Online & In-Person Slow Yoga In Uig Isle Of Lewis UK. Our Yoga is different! It is not part of the fitness industry! Slow Yoga is NOT gymnastics, it is where you truly 'hear' your body with low-risk practices. This is still a small niche market ONLINE viz Zoom with like-minded people. Also combined with Qi Gong and Shamanic influences

Hi, I am originally from Derbyshire and I am 68 years old [as of 2023!], who loves being a Grandma! I am lucky to be able to split my time between The Outer Hebrides and Derbyshire. I am just really ordinary and cannot reach my leg behind my neck, perform a handstand or stand on my head. And I have no wish to! I put weight on, I lose it again!

I started my working life as a shorthand typist aged 16, and very slowly progressed to training as a Counsellor at Derby University and that has been my main work ever since. Which has included the training and Supervising of Counsellors for many years.

I actually began Yoga in my 20's for a couple of years [1976-1978], but didn't re-discover it again until 2000 and I quickly knew I wanted to become a Yoga Teacher and qualified with the British Wheel of Yoga as soon as I could.

As a Reiki Master, I offer Attunements and often re-attunements, so others can experience and work with the wonderful Reiki energy, and amazingly...... sending Reiki energy to my yoga students in my classes too. I undertook extra training and Attunement in order to feel satisfied about giving and receiving Reiki Online.

I am aware that we can 'Westernise' Yoga too much and so I prefer to stay as true as possible to the ancient concepts and Philosophy of Traditional ancient Yoga. All that constant 'hip opening' and sun salutations are not for me anymore!

Slow Yoga might be a small 'niche' market, but all the marketing tools in the world say; "Teach what you love"! And I am. I have no wish to be an Instagram sensation! I built this website myself, [yes, it shows, I know! It really isnt mobile friendly LOL]. I love teaching this style of yoga and I know there are others out there who no longer want to practice the more Power Yoga's styles.

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