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Oxford Summer Courses | Academic Summer Schools

Oxford Summer Courses | Academic Summer Schools

What are tutorials?

The world-renowned Tutorial Method is a personalised, holistic approach to teaching and learning that cultivates resilience, independence and confidence in students. Pioneered at the University of Oxford, it uses a higher-order questioning approach, combining independent study of curriculum content and small group discussions between students and the teacher to catalyse critical thinking and analytical skills among students.

What we do

The Tutorial Method is a powerful tool for empowering students and preparing them for success in their academic and professional lives. At CTT, we deliver a range of online and in-person courses that use tutorial teaching to prepare students for university success, academic excellence and their future professional careers. Our courses focus on building critical thinking skills, exposure to university-level academics and the skills to succeed at university. All our courses are taught by Oxford University academics, giving students an academically rigorous, transformative learning journey. Every student receives individual attention from our experienced tutors, challenging students and helping them hone in on their individual academic interests and passions.

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