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Recent update from Ofsted

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Recent update from Ofsted

On 24 May 2024 Ofsted announced a change to what documents are required in the application for registration as a new children’s home: from that date, a financial reference from your bank is no longer required.

A business plan and (separate) forecasting is of course still required, but the latter regarding start-up costs are more difficult to accurately produce due to the unpredictable waiting time between

application and registration, i.e. 4 months plus.

The expenses therefore from Registered Manager’s and Responsible Individual’s salary costs, plus

mortgage and associated costs that extend beyond 4 months are significant. There is of course a

further delay in income generation, i.e. to ensure appropriate placements for children/young people and the fact that many local authorities pay one-month in arrears.

This is significantly increasing the finances required for opening a new home.

This should be acknowledged within the context of profit margins and reasonable returns on


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