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Reusable Sanitary Period Pads By Eco Lily UK

Eco Lily | Reusable Sanitary Period Pads. Products Designed With Your Comfort In Mind. Saving Millions Of Menstrual Pads From Landfill, Join The Movement!

At Eco Lily, we design products with you in mind! And, with so many valuable reasons to switch from ordinary disposable pads, we encourage you to join the movement! Whether you’re looking for a more cost-effective solution or one that’s better for the world we live in, Eco Lily’s 6-piece cloth sanitary pads are your answer! You can make a very responsible decision to leave considerably less waste that may take decades to disintegrate. By using our practical cloth hygiene pads during your monthly cycle, you’ll be making a wise decision to recycle and reuse – and that’s a noble act. Our pads wash easily with soap and water and dry quickly. Visit our site for more details

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