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Sexual Offence & Indecent Images Solicitors & Lawyers In London UK

Sexual Offence & Indecent Images Solicitors & Lawyers In London UK

We have a team of experienced lawyers for sexual offences available around the clock to provide assistance.

If you’re facing legal issues related to sexual offences, rest assured that SJB Legal is the expert team you need. We specialize in tackling cases involving indecent images, sexual abuse, historic sexual abuse, sexual assault, indecent assault, and rape.

Our legal advice is unparalleled, and we’re here to support you during interviews with the police and regulatory authorities while under caution.

Our services are available for voluntary and caution plus 3 interviews across the country, and we offer around-the-clock emergency call-out assistance to support suspects who are on pre-charge bail or released under investigation.

If you require early pre-charge engagement advice, get in touch with us today.

Our aim is to achieve a successful resolution of your case and we’re confident that our expertise will help you achieve just that.

We cover London, Essex, Hertfordshire, Kent, and Surrey, and we’re available nationwide if needed.

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