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Small Business Accountant Forest Of Dean Gloucestershire

Small Business Accountant Offering Self Assessment Tax Returns, PAYE, Digital Bookkeeping & Accounts Reporting In Forest Of Dean, Lydney, Gloucester, Bristol

Hi, I'm Luke Malone, Director of Small Business Accounting ltd. I am currently managing my clients exclusively but aim to have a small dedicated team of accounts professionals very soon. I started this business as I felt as if the accounting world was full of old school accountants. These accountants are more interested in numbers than people. I would like to get to know my clients and become interested in and a part of their success. The old way of preparing accounts using double entry on a massive ledger book are long gone. But the price charged per hour by my peers does not reflect this. A days work before is now a few button presses. I hope that my prices reflect this understanding. Customer Service Don't you just hate rubbish customer service? I was taught to treat people how I want to be treated. Sounds like a basic concept right? but this seems to be lost on larger companies, I don't think i can use the name of the one I'm thinking of specifically, but you may use them as your internet service provider!! In short I want to offer a personal service and help grow your business.

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