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The Ear Nurse Ear Syringing-Wax Removal & Earigator Training In Suffolk

The Ear Nurse Ear Syringing-Wax Removal & Earigator Training In Suffolk

Are you a registered healthcare professional that is looking for an opportunity to independently flourish outside of big corporate healthcare? Are you looking for a niche that’s in massively high demand?

Are you tired of the long shifts with minimal break times?

Are you looking for an uncapped income & hours that work around you, under your control?

I’ve been there, and I totally understand the feeling of wanting more freedom without leaving the world of healthcare behind me.

But the opportunities just weren’t there. Fortunately for you, that has now changed!

Healthcare professionals have such an amazing skill set but minimal opportunities to utilize them, outside of the NHS. Being penned into corpse healthcare employment restricts many professionals from living a life that truly conforms to their lifestyle. The TENS ( The east nurse) course allows you to gain that control back, whether that’s to fit around your current role or to make it a full-time occupation, the choice is yours and the demand is there.

We are the first-course provider in the world to have partnered with "Nupur tech" founders of the social media famous "Earigator" wax removal Machine. We are the first course of its kind to be CPD verified with backed insurance for professionals to work independently from big corporate healthcare organisations without insurance being restricted to work under the NHS umbrella. qualifying under an NHS umbrella certification will not legally cover you to practice independently.

With a low business start-up cost, you could be making your money back within days, tripling your income within a week.

There is a huge country-wide demand for ear cleaning. Services right across the UK at the moment. It really is a service you can take & do anywhere.

Visit our site for details

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