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Are you ready for changes in the regulation of care and support?

Are you ready for changes in the regulation of care and support?

Portfolio for legislative and regulatory compliance, commercial knowledge, operational and strategic governance & management in children's social care in UK

The New Regulated Marketplace 

Government reforms mean that by September 2023, residential settings that deliver care and

accommodation entirely or mainly for children must have registered as a children’s home where the existing Ofsted requirements would apply, i.e. the Social Care Common Inspection Framework and Quality Standards. For those settings which are delivering support, as opposed to care, providers will need to engage with new mandatory National Standards and also register with Ofsted by September 2023 as offering supported accommodation for young people.

Ofsted will publish its guide to registration in spring 2023, which should be read in conjunction with the Department for Education’s quality standards for supported accommodation, guidance and requirements. 

EHP Children’s Homes Consultancy can support you through the process in the conversion of an

unregulated home to an Ofsted-regulated children’s home or supported accommodation for young people.

Is your consultant continually ‘horizon scanning’ to keep your potential business up to date

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