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The Returners' Tribe Online Return To Work Coaching, Workshops & Online Courses In The UK

Returning to work after a career break, for whatever reason, can be daunting! ​ You've spent months or years focused on children, parents or you and thinking about everything else but work. Now all of a sudden, you realise it's time to head back and that you'll have to use your brain in an entirely different way! ​ Your CV needs updating, you need to start applying for roles and proving in an interview that you have lost none of your skills and experience. But how? ​

Welcome to The Returners' Tribe - a community just for you, with all the essential training, advice and support you will need to successfully Return to Work. As well as coaching, workshops, weekly live Q&As and online courses, we'll be posting a tonne of useful tips, tricks and advice and doing our best to help you on your journey back to work. It is packed with in-depth practical training and resources on every aspect of returning to work, from do I want to go back right through to succeeding in your new role, plus the community support you need through this tricky time. ​

As part of The Returners’ Tribe, you will get access to: Our complete online Return To Work course Weekly LIVE Q&A with experts across a range of topics Detailed ‘how-to’ articles & videos Regular masterclasses and workshops CV review service Live chat with us throughout the week!

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