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Tower Crane Training Courses in Campbelltown Sydney

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We have our cranes available every day if needed. Because we have smaller class sizes the trainer has more time to spend with each student. More time to help with the theory and more time in the seat or on the hook for the practicals.  

At Tower Crane Training we have excellent trainers who know how to help people navigate the demands of the course and the job. We keep our classes small to make sure the trainer has the time to help each student properly. We also ensure that you have trainer support outside of the standard training hours to make sure that if you have a problem we can help correct it as quickly as possible.

We aim to compete on quality, not price. We offer excellent training and facilities. Our aim is always to provide a great start to a career; a career that focuses on continual development of skills and promotes a safety-aware work ethic.  

We also offer our training outside work hours because we know that courses cost more than the course fee when you lose a weeks pay to do it. For a smaller builder this can be a loss of production.

Call, email or message us to book in training dates. We do on site training for groups of four or more.

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