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Ultra Light Microlights & Sub70 Trike Kit Manufacturers UK

Microlite Aviation is a manufacturer & supplier of sub70 Nanolight microlights & SSDR aircraft kits here in the UK. One of the best-built ultralight aircraft around, that will suit new and older aviators. Easy to fly, very forgiving stall characteristics and an absolute gem to fly.


for a better flying experience

MicroLite Aviation, dedicated to making an affordable and well-engineered fly product for the Sub 70 and SSDR market Our passion for excellence has driven us from the beginning and continues to drive us into the future. The team at MicroLite Aviation knows that every product counts, and strives to make the entire experience of dealing with us, is professional and pleasant. The Desire to build a Sub 70 trike arose from many years of flying and being involved in various aircraft builds such as the Streak Shadow and Jabiru in South Africa. Include with that the many years of experience building custom motorbikes, you have a team that has the experience of building a quality aircraft for a fast-growing market. Our wings are built here in the UK and are safety and quality tested by Avian Hangliders, with great backup service if needed. We also supply other wings such as the Aeros "Adam" wing for those pilots wanting more speed. Our trikes are designed to be marketed as kits, with various engine setups and suitable wing choices( wings designed for trike flying). We also supply aftermarket parts, such as Carbon Fibre Fenders and throttle housings,(lightweight to suit the UK Sub70 market) regs. So drop us a line and let's see where we will be able to help you get into the air safely and affordably

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