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2and4k9 Security have been in the security business for 22 years with experience with or without our dogs and cover all of the UK including 24 hr cover.

Our dog handlers are able to cover a wider area than standard static security guards. Given the dogs keen sense of smell and acute vision and hearing they can identify threats and intruders in a considerably shorter time than our officers.

Our dog handling units are far more likely to find intruders that have hidden themselves in areas that our security officers would not normally be able to.

In situations of conflict an intruder is less likely to challenge a dog handler as all our dogs and handlers are professionally trained to deal with any kind of violence and conflict.

As well as security we also provide professional drugs/weapons dogs. Our dogs are used in a variety of places where there is a real threat. Our passive dogs can be used to search a line of people in clubs or venues and can be very effective in schools. They will indicate the presence of narcotics/weapons on people or in bags by sitting infront of the artical or person and allowing us to carry out our search procedures

All our dogs and handlers are trained to a high standard with NASDU qualifications. All our handlers have a minimal of BIDTC level 2 or above.

Here at 2and4k9 Security our Main  focus is protecting our client’s assets, property and public profile. Our professionalism, understanding of your business environment and proven expertise within the security industry makes 2and4k9 Security the first choice when you need protection, reassurance, and reliability. We see ourselves as an extension of your business.

2and4k9 Security provides a comprehensive K9/handler service. Whether your requirements are for the 24 hour manned protection of multi million pound assets, K9  or without dogs protection of your business premise, or individual personal security,  2and4k9 can provide this with expertise and proven track record.

In addition to our main services 2and4k9 handlers are all  Professional NASDU Accredited Dog Handlers  Our commitment to training and the constant improvement of our own training methods ensures that our front line security services are at the forefront within the security industry.Take a look below at what we can offer your Business

  1. All our dogs can be used for search

2.  Venues

3.  Open Areas

4.  Vehicles Searches

5.  Airports

6.  Stadiums

7.  Drug Detection

8.  Construction Sites

9.  Private Homes and Estates

10. Night Clubs

11. Industrial Sites

12. Events and Concerts

13. All Public Sectors.

Guard Dogs/Patrol Dogs

If you have any questions about our services or would like to discuss your requirements please contact us  possible.

Call Antony  07581182748​  

For a free Security Appraisal We look forward to hearing from you.

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