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Wholesale Spices Suppliers The UK

Wholesale Spices Suppliers The UK

Wholesale Spices Suppliers The UK Tradespice is the leading wholesale supplier of premium spices in the UK. Our high-quality products are exclusively designed for restaurants, hotels, and caterers. We take pride in offering an extensive range of ground spices, including ground white pepper, ground black pepper, ground red chilli powder, ground garlic powder, ground ginger powder, ground turmeric powder, ground cumin powder, and ground coriander powder in 5kg bags.

At Tradespice, we aim to provide high-quality spices to the hospitality industry at competitive prices. We import our spices directly from India through a carefully established network of reputable spice processing companies. Once they arrive at our storage facility, they are meticulously quality and safety checked before being dispatched to restaurants, hotels and caterers across the UK. Why trust us? Quality - Our spices are more expensive than retail branded products in the supermarket. However, you'll end up using smaller quantities of spice in your cooking compared to branded spice bags, as our spices are more potent. Freshness - A minimum of 12 months of shelf life means you're sure to get the most out of your bulk purchase Bulk sizes - We supply our spices in 5kg bags, typically not in supermarkets or cash and carries. Convenience - Place your order online today and deliver it the next working day. You can easily re-order items. Credit accounts - Regular customers can access payment terms with us.

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