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Wildlife Photography Workshops & Guided Photography Safaris

Wildlife Photography Workshops & Guided Photography Safaris

Safari Sinclair | Wildlife Photography workshops in the UK also professionally guided photography safaris in Kenya, Tanzania & Zimbabwe

Over the past 12 years, I've helped hundreds of people from all walks of life to successfully hone their nature and wildlife photography skills and I’d love for you to be my next happy student! I've led groups and personalised 1:1's both in the UK and internationally. I've successfully helped complete novices right through to professional photographers wanting to improve their skills in nature and wildlife photography. I know what it's like to attend a workshop and feel completely out of place! When I started my photographic career, everyone was older than me and had much better kit! - Even though most of them didn't actually know how to use it! I've spent thousands of pounds on workshops and seminars only to walk away feeling like I haven't personally learnt anything new and that there were too many people so I didn't get the help & attention I needed to improve my images and build my confidence! I pride myself on being different. My workshops/safaris are not an excuse for me to tell you how great my photos are. My workshops are all about YOU! How I can help YOU get the images you dream of, no matter what kit you have. I understand the importance of being patient and I have the ability to easily explain and help YOU to become competent in the skills and techniques you need to get that perfect shot. I'll guide you through the nuances of animal behaviour, camera settings, skills and techniques so YOU can take stunning photographs, worthy of hanging on your living room wall!​ Our workshops are fun, super relaxed and I've learnt how to put the most nervous of people at ease! Everyone is helped individually so it really doesn’t matter what level of photography you enjoy currently and it doesn’t matter what camera kit you have.

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