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Yorkshire Fox Handmade Crafted Sustainable Handbags Leeds

Sustainable Handmade Unisex Handbags using only natural products. We sell Waxed Canvas Bags, Tweed Bags for everyday use all made in the UK

My story began with a desire to create objects by hand, using simple techniques and traditional materials, to be closer to the objects in our everyday life. To return to a more sustainable time when quality and craftsmanship were valued over the mass-produced and poorly constructed. To know the person who creates the everyday object, and the care and time that is involved in that process. Yorkshire Fox Handbags is our expression of these ideas and a step towards a simpler, more sustainable way of living; producing goods that are well made, thoughtfully designed, and that are built to last.

Our goods are designed and made by myself (Marti) a graduate from St Martins Fashion School in London. Our Products are made in a small workshop in a small town in the heart of Yorkshire, and at the core of our designs is a love of simple clean lines, considered detailing, and (above all else), functionality. When not designing and making, we can be found exploring the wild hills and valleys of Yorkshire with my husband, two children and our border collie Verde or otherwise (mostly) reading, eating, and playing board games.

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