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Inadequate children’s homes

EHP Consultancy

Portfolio for legislative and regulatory compliance, commercial knowledge, operational and strategic

governance & management in children's social care UK

Is your consultant ‘horizon scanning’ to keep your potential business up to date with legal and regulatory developments? This is essential to embed strategic thinking and planning into your Ofsted application for opening a new children’s home where we ensure:

The delivery of appropriate placements to children and young people that best meet their needs

An effective regime of market oversight

Pricing that accurately reflects the cost of care

Future-proofing of your investment

Production of a compelling business and financial model that is more likely to be approved by Ofsted.

At EHP Children’s Homes (Consultancy), we apply a level of strategic scrutiny and planning over and above any of our competitors; this update being an example.

June 2022 UPDATE 2

An Observer investigation (see: Revealed: scandal of England’s ‘inadequate’ private children’s homes | Children | The Guardian ) has found that more than 100 privately run children’s homes have been branded as inadequate by inspectors. Poorly trained staff and “chaotic management” were cited in official reports by Ofsted, and several have closed since concerns were raised. EHP Children’s Homes Consultancy agrees this represents a serious concern but would welcome greater holistic context.

Anntoinette Bramble, chair of the Local Government Association’s children and young people board, said: “The Competition and Markets Authority has confirmed our own findings that private equity providers are making extremely high profits and carrying concerning levels of debt that risks the stability of homes for children in care, which is paramount if they are to thrive.”

At EHP Children’s Homes Consultancy, we believe any direct relationship between an organisation’s financial position and poor practice in care needs to be made less implicit and more explicit in nature to make a more robust point.

EHP Children’s Homes Consultancy work with you to ensure efficient, effective, and sustainable business and financial planning that supports the delivery of high-quality care.

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